Everything You Need To Know About Xiaomi Mi Air 2s Wireless Airbuds

Recently, Xiaomi has announced it’s  Mi Air 2s Wireless Airbuds. These Earphones are expected to launch in the First half of the month of May. Coming along with tons of features there somethings to consider before buying Xiaomi Mi Air 2s. So, Keep Reading.


Pricing And Availability

Beginning with the price, Xiaomi Mi Air 2s is priced at CNY 399 (4200 INR). In India, the pricing of Xiaomi Mi Air 2S is expected to price around 5000INR. Probably, following to Xiaomi’s strategy, Mi Air 2S will be available only on Flash Sales for the first few months of its launch.

Design And Feel

The build quality of the Mi Air 2S is Average considering its price and overall features. Mi Air 2S feels a bit bulky in the ear and is not much comfortable considering the price. Xiaomi Mi Air 2s comes with sharp edges on the Charging case as well as the Airbuds which makes it uncomfortable while wearing or keeping in the pocket. Although the Xiaomi Mi Air 2s are lightweight, the sharp design makes it a bit uncomfortable.

Battery, Sound and Mic Quality

Firstly, talking about battery Xiaomi Air 2S takes approximately an hour to charge it completely from 0 to 100%. Also, the playback time of  Xiaomi Air 2S is around 7-8 hours based on the volume you are listening to.

Talking about the sound quality, the 14mm Sound Drivers makes the sound super-rich. Due to its ENC technology, the Mic quality of the Airbuds are appreciable. During calls, the background noise was ripped off.

Controls and Ease of Use

Xiaomi Air 2S comes with Tap To Control mode. You can configure the controls according to your requirements. Also, the inbuilt infrared sensors automatically pause the playback whenever you remove the Airbud from the ear.

  • Double Tap to Answer/Hang
  • Play/Pause (Tap Right Side Twice)
  •  Enable Google Assistant (Tap Left Side Twice)

By default, there are touch controls for volume so you have to manually adjust the volume via phone. Also, it is hard to customize the tap response, as the application comes in the Chinese language which is not easy to translate even via Google Translate.

Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Light Weight
  • Superior Sound and Mic Quality
  • Long Lasting Battery Life
  • Hard to customize
  • Sharp Design
  • Not Much Comfortable
  • A bit Expensive


Final Verdict:

Overall, Xiaomi Air 2S is a good wireless airbuds, considering its Price. However, before buying you must have a look into the comfort level of the Xiaomi Air 2S. If you are comfortable with its sharp edges and default Touch Controls, you can go for Xiaomi Air 2S. Alternatively, you can go to Realme Buds.

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