OnePlus TV: OnePlus TV is coming in September

In this post, we’ll talk about OnePlus Tv launch news. Specifics don’t exist but there is enough information available to talk about One Plus TV features, Indian prices, launch dates, and other important details.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that OnePlus TV will be launched on September 2019, earlier than the 2020 release date we accepted.

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  • OnePlus has confirmed a September launch for the OnePlus TV in India.
  • The OnePlus TV will rely on Google’s Android TV OS which will be optimized by OnePlus.
  • OnePlus has confirmed using a QLED panel for the OnePlus TV.

Ever since OnePlus talked about its TV last year, the OnePlus fans are waiting for it. The reason is simple: OnePlus makes some of the best Android phones so when making TV the next big thing, it’s natural that there will be a buzz. Now it looks like the wait is over. OnePlus is preparing to launch OnePlus TV next month. This was confirmed last week. Now OnePlus has revealed a possible launch date for One Plus TV.

OnePlus TV will come to India before the world sees it. This is great news and shows that India is now a priority market for OnePlus. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau in a post on the OnePlus Community website noted that the OnePlus TV launch will take place in September. Specific date missing. But given the previous leak, we might see the launch of OnePlus TV on September 26.

How much will OnePlus TV cost?

Pete Lau described TV as a “flagship killer” – hinting that pricing would be designed to challenge the established brands in India like – Samsung, LG.

The truth is we really don’t know how much it costs, but we do know that in India it will be available from Amazon.

OnePlus TV specs

  • Voice control
  • Integrated camera
  • Likely to be 4K HDR 
  • Android-based

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